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This is me...

Hi!  I'm Beverly and I'm a shopalcoholic.    I think it all started back when I was a little girl and my mom would drag me to the outlet malls.   She made shopping a sport - always in search of the best designers at the lowest prices.

I've been a professional reseller for the past 15 years.   In my prime I was earning a $100K income while working out of my house and enjoying all the freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss.  And don't forget - I'm shopping for a living.  Its a nice bonus!

Fast forward 8 eight years... now I'm enjoying the life of a stay at home mom to  Zach, 8 and Lauren, 6.  My kids were born within 18 months of year other and juggling that plus a thriving online resale business wasn't easy.   Along the way I learned a lot of tips and strategies to streamline my business and keep a hefty ($60-75K)  part time salary.

My rags to riches fairytale...

How did I get started?   Well,  I was introduced to the Denver thrift store circuit by my former boss, Susan.  Susan loved to pick up odd pieces of furniture and art at the local thrifts and repurpose them in her house.   She shared her love of thrift store shopping with our work team when she took us all on a "teambuilding" thrift shopping trip.

I was instantly hooked.   I came home with bags and bags of treasures.  I remember my first haul like it was yesterday...Monkey pod salad bowls, a swanky red 70's disco jumpsuit, an Obermeyer ski jacket and pants, and countless other items that I bought just because they were cheap.    It was a thrilling day and like an addict I needed my next shopping fix.

I'd dream of the day that I could make shopping my business.   Until then I'd visit our local Savers Thrift Store on my lunch hour and pick up needless trinkets.   I remember the day I said outloud to my assistant Tara,  "I would love to make thrift store shopping my job. "   And within 2 years I was making it happen.   The road wasn't pretty though.

Then the bottom dropped out... my newlywed husband and I were victims of a craigslist sales scam and we lost about $10K trying to sell some his medical equipment online.  It was 2004 and Craigslist and Ebay were still in their infancy stages.      It was a heartbreaking and soul taking ordeal.   I always had pride in the fact that I was astute and cautious.   Scammers like that can rip your dignity and shake your ego to its core.

After our experience,  I vowed to earn every penny of that money back.   I was intrigued with my sister's side hustle of selling Christmas collectibles on Ebay.    I thought I could give it a try.   I started by selling some household items that we weren't using - an ironing board, swim goggles, a pair of used shoes.  Wow,   I was making a few bucks!  So what else can I sell?

I started going to the local thrift stores on my lunch hour.   I'd pick up vintage board games, silverware and other trinkets I knew nothing about.   Eventually I had a closet full of useless items.   My husband, Marc, ever supportive but I could tell he was leery of this new venture.

Learn more as I add stories to my blog in the trade secrets section.


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I put new items in my store daily.  I love to stock Dansko Clogs, Tory Burch Flats, KEEN, Teva and Chaco sport sandals, plus so much more.  Lately I'm also selling Lululemon,  Athleta, and other yoga and fitness appareal.