One of My Greatest Finds


A Great Find Will Keep You Coming Back

Certain things get me really excited when I am shopping.   Sale days charge me up and get me out of bed at 6 AM on Saturdays.   And then there are those days when you find a true treasure like this Louis Vuitton Epi Lussac Tote.   Those are the days that get you absolutely addicted to thrifting - just like a complusive gambler hitting the jackpot!

It was on one of my regular Fridays out at the local thrift store.  I was just doing my usual quick scan of the purse racks when I saw this large black leather tote.  I could tell this was an exquisite bag before I even laid my hands on it.   It had a stand out, luxury look that set it apart from all the others on the rack.

Once I could touch it,  I knew I had something special.  The weight and feel of it was unlike any other bag on the racks.   The first thing to stand out was the quality and craftsmanship of the zipper.   It was a really heavy duty zipper with a rich brass color.    I didn't know it was a Louis Vuitton until I saw the VL logo zip pulls,  and then my heart skipped a beat or two.   I unzipped and found more clues to its authenticity.   A beautiful buttery soft suede lining that was so tightly sewn into this bag that you could literally vacuum its interior.   With any high end bag like this, you are going to want to look at the quality of the materials,  the craftsmanship of the bag - the stitching, the hardware, etc and the serial number/logo imprint.


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It is rare to find a Louis Vuitton bag in a thrift store.   This is my first  Louis Vuitton bag that I have purchased in my 15 years of professional resale shopping. Typically the luxury bags like this never make it to the sales floor.  They get pulled out of the sorting process and taken home by an employee or sold via another avenue such as online or to a private thrift store.

Occasionally I will find one in the locked cases behind the counter.  However, I try to avoid these locked cases whenever possible.  They are typically filled with overpriced items.  This is where the thrift stores lock up the merchandise that they deem valuable.  I've found over the years not to waste my time looking at these items.  Typically it takes forever to find an employee to open this elusive locked case and then when I finally get a look in the case,  the prices are ridiculous  -$700 for a bag like this.  Or even more disappointing,  the bag has a $500 price tag and it is an obvious fake.

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