How being an Ebay Entrepreneur can build your resume.

Recently I’ve been finding myself wanting something more out of my career.   I’ve been successfully selling on eBay and other platforms for the last 15 years.  Since having two children,  I’ve been downsizing and streamlining my business practices to allow for more personal time with my kids.   I can proudly say that the business runs with minimal effort from me.   But now I’m ready to tackle my next work challenge.

You never know when a  new entrepreneurial venture,  a freelance job,  or a creative endeavor could come your way… so its always best to pull out that resume, dust it off and spruce it up a bit.   (This practice does wonders for the self-employed ego,  as well!)

So how do I explain my work experience on eBay for the last 15 years… It feels like I’ve been to MBA school and back with everything I’ve learned.

Truth is…running your own business can be a real resume booster to the right company.   It shows that you are a self-starter, highly value customer service and  have independent work skills.   If you run things successfully,  you will have bonus points to add such as Top Rated Seller and 100% positive feedback – low return rate, etc.

Those are the obvious selling points but let’s look into the other often overlooked details of running a successful e-commerce business.   Not only does this entrepreneurial job title speak to your character,  but it also eludes to valuable business skills.  To be successful running your own business means that you wear so many hats.  In most self-employment situations,  the business owner is not only the CEO but also the customer service team,  procurement and shipping department,  CFO and marketing director.  Let’s not forget your creative side in social media sales,  photography and graphic arts.

Just to provide an example,  here is a sample from my resume

2005-2019   Lovethoseshoes2,  E-Commerce Sales

Manage daily operations and marketing for Ebay, Poshmark and Tradesy ecommerce storefronts.

Utilize RSS feeds, social marketing, blogs and SEO’s to consistently drive traffic and sales.

Effectively handle all aspects of customer relations, including product and payment questions, handling returns and post sale outreach with 99.9% positive feedback.

Resource the most efficient and lowest cost shipping carriers to deliver 300+ domestic and international packages monthly.

Achieved sales of over 1.5 million. Consistently high ROI at 200%.

Research latest fashion trends to source the most sought after styles and brands.

Try your best to be specific with your financial success markers.  Since I transitioned to part-time work after having kids,  I left out this information but  it could look something like:

Increased sales consistently 21% each year for the first 5 years utilizing SEO and product sourcing expertise.

In all,  be honest, be concise and be proud of your online sales expertise.   Thousands of people try to start an online business and fail.   You are one of the success stories!

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