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Tradesy Closet

Most of my high end designer bags and shoes will be found on Tradesy.   Tradesy authenticates all their listing so you are guaranteed an authentic designer item at a great price.

Poshmark Closet

Clothing, makeup and shoes - all in one interactive and fun style feed.  Check out my closet and make me an offer.


Shoes, Clothing, Accessories and more.

I love being a reseller for so many reasons but reason number one is that I am helping repurpose fashion.  It is hard to afford a closet full of top designers fashions and even harder to afford a luxurious pair of heels, but not anymore.  I bring luxury to everyone.

My favorites

Some of my personal favorite designers that I wear... Lucky Brand tops, Levi's Jeans, J.Crew bags, Pikolinos boots and Stuart Weitzman heels.   Just this sampling alone would cost over $900 retail.  I picked up these items for less than $20 total.


Next Steps...

Enjoying my blog -  please get in touch with me.  I'd love to hear from my followers and send me your fashion requests!